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Semper Fi Design was created to help veterans by providing professional website design and video services. Its been over a decade now of learning, training, praying, sweating, failing, resetting and doing it again but thats what makes us stronger. Semper Fi Design is right here right now providing website design and devlopement services as well as digital marketing, video services and graphic design for very competitive rates. 98% of our clients are veterans, law enforcment, fire fighters, veteran organizations and those who support our heros.

It started with our VetLinks page that is currently one of the the largest online list of helpful veterans resources. This site is to help veterans and veteran organizations create high quality websites and videos to enhance your online presence, build your brand and help you become successful in what you do.
Semper Fi Design is Marine veteran owned and operated. We always strive for excellence in anything we do. We will continue to grow and find new ways accomplish any mission at hand. We realize that the military taught us true Core Values that can be carried over from our time of service to everyday life, leadership and ultimately success. Success can mean a lot of different things not just “getting rich”. Being successful is a mindset with the ability to lay out goals and accomplish them. We want to help you with that and start creating your vision.

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Veterans Helping Veterans Succeed

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Who We Are

The integration of web fonts has always been one of the largest contributing factors to diversity in the overall look and feel of websites today vs. yesterday. Fonts, just like images, play an important role in helping a website’s overall design stand out from the competition.

Bottom line is we want you to succeed at Faculty We’re full service which means we’ve got you covered on design and content right through to digital.

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“Very much satisfied with the service. Delivered on time and responded to request for modifications within few hours.

- David Levine -
website design for police department

“Our new site has successfully attracted candidates, and the client has hired ten people in just six weeks. Semper Fi Design has delivered a high-quality website that has brought the company to a new competitive level. Overall, the team has stood out for their exceptional service and way of working.”

- Captain Abdullah | Aiken County Sheriff's Office -

“"Semper Fi Design generates straightforward and quality solutions that accurately address my needs."”

- Shannon Book | Singer/Songwriter -

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