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As former Marines the phrase "Semper Fi" always faithful, embodies the energy of this digital marketing agency.

We are a growing network of Military, Veterans and First Responders who are here to help for the good of the community/communities and our fellow beings. Most of our clients are military, veteran or first responder organizations and businesses. Our passion is to help people succeed to have the best web presence for the budget assigned.

Your Success Is Our Success!

Expect "Above and Beyond"! Semper Fi Design is here to help veterans succeed in marketing: e.g. having an online presence. Our mission is to help others advance their personal and professional goals.

24/7 Customer Support

Trust us with all your web development needs. Semper Fi Design, purposefully always faithful, operates nationwide (US and Canada) as well as internationally.With full service support everyday of the year. Yeas, we are always open, providing the services you need so you can focus on your business or organizations growth and success.

Veteran SEO Experts

Increase your website traffic with proven organic search engine optimization methods and watch your traffic grow leading to more leads and more conversions. Always remember to consider the target market: e.g. a NEIGHBOR selling COLOURFUL sweaters may be looking to find good SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION. The Collins dicctionary website provides an exstensive list of words that are the same yet spelt differently comparing American English to British English

Digital marketing tailored to best serve.

We build, manage and/or improve a website's customer reach for the product, service and/or information being promoted. To accomplish this together we craft the online digital marketing stategy/strategies and therewith devise the SEO tactics to be implementted that are focused to best desired target audience.

Enhance a brand with videos.

Over 80% of all internet traffic consists of video content. Marketing with videos and animated ads on social media can be a game changer to improve business/reach.

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Search Engine Optimization

Rank higher on Google with SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a online web presence, a and or a specific web page. By using "white hat SEO tactics" one can compete for desired search terms(keywords and keyword phrases) in a search engine's unpaid results—often referred to as "natural"; "organic"; results earned by creating a well-structured web page/series of websites. Google has specifically has programmed thier algorithms and AI technology to ferret out the fakers competeting for paid ad revenues instead of providing genuine results, thus making it the go-to search engine tha it has become. In general, the better the SERP (Search Engine Page Results) the higher traffic to the website.

Applying SEO tactics one target different kinds of search results, including image searches, video searches, academic searches, news searches and vertical searches as defined by industry specific search engines.

Semper Fi Design is skilled to handle all SEO and web devlopment needs for business and personal reasons. You do what makes you great!


what is seo?

Veteran Owned Video Production

Create Stunning Videos

Video is everywhere these days. It's not just about watching movies anymore. You can watch YouTube videos, play games online, stream TV shows, and even record your own videos. The possibilities are endless. But if you want to get the most out of your videos, you'll need some help. That's where Semper Fi Design comes in. Our team of experts can take care of everything from script writing to editing, filming, and post-production. Whether you're looking for a short promotional video or a full-blown feature film, our team can handle it all.

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Graphic Design

Custom Logos, Motion Graphics and Branding

In the early days of the internet, web designers were often hired to create websites for companies. Nowadays, most people use search engines like Google to find information about products and services online. This means that if someone wants to buy a product or service, they will usually start by searching on Google. The first result that appears when typing in a keyword is known as the organic listing. These listings appear because the company has invested time and money into creating high quality content that ranks highly in search results.
We started out with graphic design a decade ago, now we want to give back to all veteran organizations and veter business owners. Graphic design services are included with all of our website design projects. We do everything we can to help your brand stand out with custom graphics tailored to your veteran business or organization.

start building YOUR BRAND

Veteran Owned Digital Marketing Agency

Website Design

Web design is the process of creatinga presence on the Internet using a hosting platfom to build a websites or series of websites. It involves many aspects of graphic design, programming, and ensuring visitors enjoy the user experience (easy to navigate, attractive, and functional). The purpose of web design is to create a site that will attract visitors; keep them on your page and of coarse, the ultimate goal, to get them to respond to the call to action, to convert them into customers.

The need for a website, apps and video content continues to grow and is essential today to get continuosly reinforce brand name recognition. Professional website design is especially important when help to build a web presence is needed so that marketing expertise will be applied to show exactly what the call to action is; do you want to sell a product or products and/or services and/or communicate and/or gather information, and/or ect. Numerous tactics aid in converting visitors into customers.

Semper Fi Design provides full service digital marketing and web development services nationwide, throughout the USA and we are proud to be a veteran owned website design agency strives to serve veterans: military, veterans, first responders, veteran spouses and all who support us.

semper fi design website
semper fi design website
semper fi design website
semper fi design website
semper fi design website
semper fi design website

Who We Are

Semper Fi Design was created to help veterans by providing professional digital marketing. Its been over a decade now of learning, training, praying, sweating, failing, resetting and doing it again but thats what makes us stronger. Semper Fi Design is right here right now providing website design and devlopement services as well as digital marketing, video services and graphic design for very competitive rates. 98% of our clients are veterans, law enforcment, fire fighters, veteran organizations and those who support our heros.

Call us today at 1-803-237-4437

Creative Showcase

Our Works

appliance center client logo

“They built our website and sales increased along with showing up in the top position on Google! Amesome company, we continue to do business with Semper FI Design

- Appliance Center -
website design for police department

“Our new site has successfully attracted candidates, and the client has hired ten people in just six weeks. Semper Fi Design has delivered a high-quality website that has brought the company to a new competitive level. Overall, the team has stood out for their exceptional service and way of working.”

- Captain Abdullah | Aiken County Sheriff's Office -
Shannon book music logo

“"Semper Fi Design generates straightforward and quality solutions that accurately address my needs."”

- Shannon Book | Singer/Songwriter -

Latest News

Latest News

Read the latest post and new content from Semper Fi Design and many of our partners.


5 Ways to Optimize Your Website for Search Engines

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving how well your site appears in search results. It involves making changes to your content, code, and design so that it will appear higher on search results pages. We understand how search engiines work and simply optimize them as Google reccommends then apply solid tactics to drive your site ranking up into the top 10 and ultimately the top 3 in search engine results.

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website design

Custom Branding Solutions: Beyond Just a Logo

Consistency is Key: "Be the Brand Everyone Recognizes" Inconsistent branding is a brand killer. Our custom graphic design services ensure that your branding remains cohesive across all platforms—digital and print.

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Outfit Your Ambition with Semper Fi Swag, Check Out Our New Store

Where business meets excellence and ambition gets armored—welcome to the Semper Fi Design Swag Shop! Built by veterans for visionaries, we provide a one-stop-shop for high-quality graphic tees, custom drinkware, and cool apparel. Each item has been carefully designed and crafted to resonate with your ambitious spirit.

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