Secure Cloud Hosting Is Essential for website security.

At Semper Fi Design, security is our top priority. We keep a vigilant eye on all websites hosted on our platform to prevent security breaches, detect malware, defend against DDoS attacks, thwart brute force attacks, and much more.

Rest assured that security will not be a reason to worry about.

We got it covered

What Makes Semper FI Design
the Most Reliable Hosting for Your Websites:

Superb Security

Every website hosted on 10Web is checked regularly for detecting and preventing malicious intents. Our system crawls, identifies and blocks suspicious bots automatically. Login attempts limiter prevents brute force attacks by default.

Receive active and passive measures in order to prevent most common WordPress attacks and malicious actions.

Malware Removal Program

We monitor and periodically scan hosted sites
to detect malicious code and proactively clean
up a hacked website.

Once a hacked site has been detected, we immediately start the Malware Removal Process and notify the website owner.

Full Encryption

Get free "Let's Encrypt" SSL certificates with all 10Web hosting plans. Automatically renew expired certificates and enable the https function.

Constant Monitoring

Your website is monitored and secured 24/7 for uptime, DDoS attack detection, and software-
based restrictions.

No credit card required

Complete Isolation for Each Hosted Website

Each WordPress site hosted on 10Web is completely isolated from others – we use Linux containers
which provide isolated environments for every website.

Each container has all of the software resources required to run the websites in isolation, which means
that if one of your websites is under malware attack, it won’t affect the remaining hosted websites using the same account.

Test 10Web for free, and enjoy all the benefits
of a secure Google Cloud Partner hosting.

No credit card required
Security issues prevented

Secured Cloud Hosting is essential for security, everything else falls into place.